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If you're tired of boring workouts with no results or just ready to be your best self, we invite you to try a training system that delivers sustainable results with all fitness levels.

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Why wait any longer to look great… get back your energy and feel your best? Right now, you have a unique opportunity – you’re getting the proven system to transform your body in just 30 days. If you're frustrated with you're lack of results or you're tired of paying $100s for a personal trainer or yet another “extreme” workout program then maybe it's time to try our 30 Day Experience today for just…

Experience the Benefits!

Metabolic Strength & Conditioning

Our workouts are designed to boost your metabolism, which means your body will be able to burn calories for hours afterwards! 

We customize and tailor the workouts to your needs as we guide you the entire way. 

We are constantly changing our workouts. All workouts progress since you will naturally be getting stronger.  

Community Support

You will be part of a team of motivated and enthusiastic clients focused on improving their lives. No Negative Nancy's here!

Our team of certified coaches are here to lift you up, push you higher and hold you accountable to be the best you!

Lean on the group, have fun and find yourself doing things that you never thought possible.

Share recipes, fit tips and success stories with our private Facebook Group! We Got You!

Strategic Coaching

No Guess Work Here! We start with a detailed assessment that helps us design your training and nutrition strategy to ensure results.

Unlimited Training With A Dedicated Coaching Team! A certified and dedicated coach will be helping you the entire time. We have training times at all hours of the day to fit your schedule. 

Bi-weekly re-assessments will help keep you on target and help us adjust your training and nutrition if results stall.


  • Starting Point Assessment and Program Design

This is your road map to results. We'll provide a complete strategy based on you!

  • Nutrition Strategy

You can't outwork a bad diet! We will sit down and discuss a strategy so you can keep you energy levels high while your building muscle and burning fat.  

  • Three Personal Strength Appointement per Week! 

Our convenient training schedule (availability is 5:30 am- 8:00 pm weekdays an Saturday mornings) gives you access to true strength training. This is where you refine your skills to get strong and build muscle to boost metabolism that burns fat. 

  • Unlimited Small Group Training Sessions

Burn fat and build strength in these 50 minute sessions. Incorporating high intensity interval training with a total body workout. Enjoy formats like Burn, Sprint and Grind!

  • Full Gym Access 

YES!!! I'm Ready to try Greensboro's Best Fat Loss Program Guaranteed To Burn The Fat And Get YOU In The Best Shape Of Your Life!



“ I’ve learned so much from the trainers about proper nutrition, technique and the overall importance of exercise. I’m stronger, I feel better, I crave that time at the gym now. Exercise has become my way of relieving stress, and I have so much more energy and self-confidence thanks to the training.

Since finishing the 30 Day Challenge, I’ve lost more weight and have really toned up. It’s amazing what our bodies can do with correct training and proper nutrition. There is no turning back for me and I am ready to take it to the next level. This has been a lifestyle change for me and I am loving my body and how it is changing. I am a busy mom but I need to take care of me and Strive is the perfect choice. No more excuses, if I can do this, anyone can." 

Carrie E.

"I began the 30 Day Challenge last November. I had goals to increase my strength and to see what my body could be if I trained and didn't give up for once! After the first week of my 6 Week Challenge, I already knew I wanted to continue. I liked it so much that I began training 3-4 days a week at 5:30am! I wouldn't have ever imagined I would be someone in the gym before the sun was up! I have been making steady progress. I'm much stronger than I've ever been, my attitude has improved and my stress levels are minimal. The trainers are very knowledgeable and willing to help you reach your goals. I've learned a lot from the staff about how the foods I eat effect my body and my results. I have a better understanding of health and fitness overall." 

Nicole B.

“So much has changed in my life within the past 12 months. Over the years I've struggled with my weight. A busy work schedule and a propensity for food and beverage had me feeling my worst. 

In Febuary, I took advantage of their 30 Day Challege. It was the hardest and best thing I ever did for myself but the staff supported me and pushed me to get results.

After dropping 19lbs of unhealthy weight, stress and self resentment, I am now committed to maintaining a healthier lifestyle. I train 3-4 days per week, mixing strength sessions with Cycle Fusion and Aferburn. The workouts are always changing and the staff accomodates for different fitness levels and abilities.

After the challenge it wasn't about weight but about gaining strength and changing my body composition. I have a whole new wardrobe, a positive outlook and truly feel better than I have in a long time! 

LaShonda D.

“I started working out at Strive with the 30 Day Challenge. The first few times were tough. I fought back tears because I realized just how out of shape I actually was. Within weeks I had improved so much and was hanging strong with some of the top performers in the group. The motivation of the trainers kept me encouraged and I finally felt I had hope. I lost 15lbs in 6 weeks! 

I owe a huge thanks to Strive, thanks to this well managed facility I have lost 32lbs in 5 months, and I'm down 83 since giving birth to my son. The staff at Strive treats you like family, everyone always says hello and many call me by name. Their child care makes it easy to make time for working out as a parent as well. I couldn't be happier about the journey I'm on with Strive. I am in better shape than ever and I have the programs and staff to thank for that. I thought I was doomed to be overweight forever after having children. All it's taken is the desire to make changes along with great people and friendly faces to keep me going. Thank you Strive.”  

Katie F.

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Why Choose Strive?

We recognize that you have choices regarding your personal fitness and are willing to back up our promise to you. We also know that most people fail at fitness because they use the wrong strategy, get frustrated with lack of results and quit. Strive was designed with the sole purpose to deliver results that last!

We will target your goals with a specific strategy to get you results quickly, safely and efficiently. No gimmicks, supplements or fads.

We will track your progress and adjust your strategy based on your progress and your timeline. We will leave no stone unturned in our quest to get you results.

You are never alone, our team of professional coaches and our community of training clients will help boost you up to your goals.

We Reward You For Choosing Us! Why?!! Sometimes you just need a reason to say yes. We'll reward you with a $50 Amazon gift card when you finish our trial and enroll in any training membership!

So If you’re Sick & Tired of not realizing your Personal Strength and Weight Loss Goals, and you’re ready to be surrounded by like-minded people who WANT YOU to succeed…CLICK BELOW and let’s chat.  

Schedule Your Risk Free Intro Session To Make Sure This Program Is Right For You!

Frequetly Asked Questions

Where Are You Located?

  • I have a question, how can I get a hold of you? You can call us at 336-540-8898 or email us at striveperformanceandfitness@gmail.com  
  • When are the workouts? We train Monday through Saturday with convenient times to fit your busy schedule. Personal Strength is by appointmant and available weekdays from 5:30 am until 8:00 pm and on Saturday mornings. Small Groups meet daily at 6:00am, 9:30 am, 12 pm, 4:30 pm and 6:00 pm
  • What kind shape do I have to be in to do this? We train all levels and our unique programming allow us to regress and progress training based on ability.